Mechatronics is a field of engineering which combines several fields of engineering. It was a constitution of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering but with the increased need of advanced technology other fields of Engineering were also incorporated. now it generally includes Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Control, Robotics, and Computer Science fields of Engineering.

It is the most liked field of engineering and most interesting rather. Every engineering enthusiast likes working in the field as there is a great scope of advancement and innovation in the field. In the course which we will provide we have kept in mind the practical aplications.

We have some projects in the syllabus we have designed for the training and the students will be doing those projects in the duration of the training courses. We will also provide an exclusive kit which can be used by you for making other projects and also the projects which we will be doing together. We will also be providing the students with the study material which will be very comprehensive and informative which the students can use for their reference.

We encourage every engineer to have knowledge about the subject. The duration of the course is approximately - 45 hours (3Weeks). We may increase the time of training based on the requirement as we aim to impart complete knowledge to the students and not to treat them as our clients. WE DELIVER QUALITY TO EARN TRUST.

Unique Trainings

ROV Robotics

ROV is our special training course which provides an in depth knowledge of Remotely Operated Vehicles and their operation. Our kits are also designed to enable students to clearly understand the technology behind the ROVs.

Risk Management

We fully understand the grievances of students due unsatisfactory electronic equipments which is because we have put up this section. We personally test the equipments and make sure they are working perfectly and are ready to be handed over to the students.