Autonomous Robotics

Intelligence is something which makes us different from the other life forms. The stimulus in the environment are percepted by our receptors and acted upon by our brain to perform physiological or psycological activities. Similarly, the robots have brains i.e. Microprocessors and microcontrollers which helps them to understand their surroundings and respond accordingly. In one way we can say that we are the creators of the brain of the robots and the better we code it the better it responses to the environment and situations.

The intelligence with which we instill the robots is known as artificial intelligence and is one of the most interesting part on which a lot of research is going on. We are trying to make as simple as possible for students to understand and implement in various devices of their use. For example, you can make a robot to do your household chores, or a robot to clean up your table, etc.

Thus, we have designed a syllabus which will incorporate within you the overall concept of the artificial intelligence. With the various practical projects which we have included in the syllabus we ensure to impart maximum variation in the course. The artificial intelligence course is divided into two sections i.e. Basic and Advanced. In the basics, we introduce you to the concept with few examples and applications. In the advanced course we teach you some algorithms and also some techniques which are used in the industries and in logic designing.

This course is recommended to the departments of:

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

  • The departments are just for representation. We encourage every engineer to have knowledge about the subject. The duration of the course is approximately - 45 hours (3Weeks). We may increase the time of training based on the requirement as we aim to impart complete knowledge to the students and not to treat them as our clients. WE DELIVER QUALITY TO EARN TRUST.

    Unique Trainings

    ROV Robotics

    ROV is our special training course which provides an in depth knowledge of Remotely Operated Vehicles and their operation. Our kits are also designed to enable students to clearly understand the technology behind the ROVs.

    Risk Management

    We fully understand the grievances of students due unsatisfactory electronic equipments which is because we have put up this section. We personally test the equipments and make sure they are working perfectly and are ready to be handed over to the students.