About US
We are an enthusiastic group of engineers who have dedicated themselves to the world of Robotics and Automation. We are instilled with the thought to make every engineering brain understand the magic or the potential which engineering has and it can give the world. We also have realized the problems faced by the engineering students in understanding the concepts of engineering, and based on that we have scientifically designed the courseware so that we can make it simple to understand and also it will be fun learning the entire course. With our policy of ‘BEST AT LOWEST’ we aim at reaching to as much engineering colleges and students as possible and also we aim at delivering quality and trust. To ensure quality education we provide as much assistance required to the students individually, not just physically but also online by providing - 24*7 technical assistance throughout their academic career.

We also ensure maximum practical experience to the students by making them work with their kit right from the first day of the training and developing a project at the end of every training. We also improve the competitive spirit among the student by a special QUIZ which we will be conducting at the end of the training session. We research, we develop, we renovate. We do not get into ventures, we build relationships with trust.

Unique Trainings

ROV Robotics

ROV is our special training course which provides an in depth knowledge of Remotely Operated Vehicles and their operation. Our kits are also designed to enable students to clearly understand the technology behind the ROVs.

Risk Management

We fully understand the grievances of students due unsatisfactory electronic equipments which is because we have put up this section. We personally test the equipments and make sure they are working perfectly and are ready to be handed over to the students.